Who is Friedrich Salomon Perls (Fritz Perls)

Who is Fritz Perls

Perhaps best known as a professor, Friedrich Salomon Perls (Fritz Perls) stood out as one of the first psychiatrists to suggest that there is a subconscious mind’s power to govern human behavior. Known as the ‘father of behavioral therapy,’ Perls discovered that when you understand the workings of the mind, you can use it for your own benefit – rather than having to try to manipulate or repress your feelings. Originally from Germany, Perls came to the United States in search of a job. Upon arriving, he set up a practice, treating people with a variety of mental problems. Eventually, his efforts led him to formulate theories on how the mind works.

fritz perls
Fritz Perls, Source: @dott.ssa_sandra_barberini

Known as a ‘behavioral hypnotherapist,’ Perls applied many hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy methods to help patients with various disorders. These range from mood disorders to fears and phobias. He was also known for being a strong believer in meditation and yoga. He introduced these practices to the American medical community and helped make them mainstream, helping thousands of Americans suffering from anxiety, depression, and other ailments.

Who is Fritz Perl? The answer may surprise some people. Yes, he is still alive and kicking, although he prefers to remain under the radar in private. Many psychologists and psychiatrists believe that he deserves his place in history because he has helped many individuals. Even though his name is unknown to many of us, our society’s impact cannot be denied.

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