To The Bone Review

In the To The Bone Review article, we will evaluate the healing processes of Anorexia nervosa. The film is both an impressive success story and quite annoying.

One of the recent example of movies about eating disorders is “To the Bone” (Netfix). Telling a part of an anorexic girl’s life, the film is has a heavy pace. The film tells an interesting story about Anorexia Nervoza. It has received so much criticism by the viewers with Anorexia Nervosa disease. “To the Bone” score is 6.8 / 10. The film premiered at the sundance film festival in January 2017.

to the bone review
To The Bone Review


I can say that this film is the best way to describe anorexia nervosa from the psychological point of view.
The film described the pathology perfectly, and was very successful in the relationship between anorexic girls and their mothers.

It is known that the scenario was created with a psychoanalytic therapist. In addition, although a doctor in the film is not a therapist, it is a very therapeutically effective treatment.

 We see that the doctor takes over the paternity function, which sets the rule, which enables the separation with the mother. Ellen, who is becoming weaker with each passing day, is in fact a more harmonious girl than most anorexic patients.

Anorexics scare people, you have someone at the end of death. You see innocent in Ellen.
We can say that stepmom is a better mother than the real mother. But ellen is a homeless girl in general. Both places where she went to sleep were outside her own home.

Out of inclusion, in the object relations that everyone directs to each other, no one other than the sibling does not hold properly. the person who provided this holding will also be the beloved person of the anorexic patient and will be able to heal with Ellen’s mother.
In the last scene, you feel the disintegration of the lack of mother, the need to be loved by the mother. This is the truth underlying Ellen’s bottle feeding.

to the bone review 1 6.8 (2017) USA

To The Bone Review and Spoiler

lily collins: I just dont see the point.
keanu: In what?

keanu: There is no point… or at least, big picture, we don’t get to know what it is. …… why we live, why megan lost the baby, why that girl killed herself.

lily collins: You’re not reassuring me, doctor.
keanu: I can’t reassure you…. this idea you have that there’s a way to be safe.. it is childish and cowardly. ıt stops you from experiencing anything, including anything good…

lily collins: You don’t think I feel bad enough already? I know I’m messed up. but you’re supposed to teach me how not to be.

keanu: You know how stop waiting for life to be easy, stop hoping for somebody to save you. You don’t need another person lying to you. things don’t all add up. But you are resilient. face some hard facts and you have an incredible life…

to the bone review 2

Therapy and Treatment

This treatment doesn’t look much like the others. They have people with eating disorders in a house. – there wasn’t just anorexic, but someone with a binge eating disorder at the therapy.
A structured form of therapy, such as a structured support group, is being implemented.

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