Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is a theoretical and practical psychotherapy model for the explanation and treatment of psychological disorders that are difficult to change and have distinct origins in childhood and adolescence.

9 Dec, 2019

What is Failure Schema?

What is Failure Schema The Failure Schema is a structure in which you have an...

7 Dec, 2019

What is Enmeshment / Undeveloped Self Schema?

What is Undeveloped Self Schema You can be totally caught up in someone else’s life...

15 Nov, 2019

What is Mistrust/Abuse Schema?

What is Mistrust & Abuse Schema? The mistrust & abuse scheme is the trend that...

14 Nov, 2019

What is Social Isolation/ Alienation Schema?

What is Social Isolation Social isolation is a state of absolute or near-complete loss of...

9 Nov, 2019

What is Dependence/Incompetence Schema?

What is Dependence / Incompetence Schema? Dependence / Incompetence is the basic attitudes of people...

8 Nov, 2019

What is the Abandonment Schema?

Fear of separation shapes both emotional and romantic relationships. Abandonment / Instability schema is the...

14 Oct, 2019

Basic Assumptions of Schema Therapy

According to the Schema Therapy We all have a happy and satisfying side. Some may...

14 Oct, 2019

Schema Therapy and Modes

What is Schema Therapy? Jeffrey E. Young has developed schema therapy for use in treating...