QEEG Topographic Brain Mapping

What is QEEG?

It is a technique that shows the distribution of waves of different frequencies on the brain by analyzing the brain electrical activity record taken from the scalp, and thus provides indirect information about the functioning of the brain. When QEEG is repeated after treatment, it can show the positive change achieved with treatment. As can be understood from the profiles obtained before and after the treatment in the samples, it can be observed with the bioelectrical activity recording that the treatment eliminates the irregularities in brain chemistry. This article contains what is QEEG, usage areas, etc.

qeeg topographic brain mapping
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Since many mental illnesses are brain diseases, understanding and monitoring brain function is important for an effective treatment. In the treatment of depression, monitoring the psychological or social dimension as well as the biological dimension is especially valuable and priority in treatment-resistant cases.

Treatment by measuring brain functions in adults, adolescents and children is a missed and targeted goal in psychiatry. It is possible to measure bioelectric activity, which is the end product of biological processes in the brain, with QEEG.

Where Is QEEG Used?

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The biological dimension of many psychiatric diseases, especially depression and panic disorder, has been confirmed by scientific research. The relationship between biochemical disorders and these diseases in some areas of the brain has been shown in laboratory studies. However, the extraordinarily complex structure and “immunity” of the human brain pose a strong obstacle to the detailed analysis of this relationship. Since the human brain cannot be seen directly, and a part of it cannot be taken and examined like in other organs, researchers use techniques that can give information about the functioning of the brain “indirectly”.


Psychotropic drugs, which are chemical substances effective in the human brain, “should be given to the appropriate person at the appropriate time”. The clinical importance of our testing the bioavailability of a drug that will be used for years is of great importance.

Quantitative Pharmaco EEG system within NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital can provide preliminary information about whether the drug has Antidepressant, Antipsychotic, Anxiolytic or Cognitive Activator effects on the human brain. Even if this information is not 100% certain, it raises sensitivity and originality.

It is a helpful method in many neuropsychiatric diseases such as Depression, Panic Disorder, Memory Loss, Dementias, Alcoholism, Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder.

This test can provide meaningful preliminary information in the use of drugs such as Red Prescription (Ritalin …) prescribed by special prescriptions in children and young people.

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