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13 Oct, 2019

Erotomania: De Clerambault Syndrome

Erotomania is to believe that you are loved and desired by everyone around. When erotomanics...

13 Oct, 2019

Theories of Personality Development: From Past to Today

This content includes all the personality development theories that have contributed to Theories of Personality...

8 Oct, 2019

Othello Syndrome

Another name for Othello Syndrome is pathological jealousy. This disorder causes obsessive thoughts. It is...

8 Oct, 2019

CBT and Exam Anxiety

What is Exam Anxiety? Exam anxiety is defined as the intense anxiety that prevents the...

8 Oct, 2019

Phobias and Fears Can be Treated with Virtual Reality

We can treat anxiety disorders much more easily with virtual reality technology. Especially Phobia (our...

8 Oct, 2019

A New Hobby for Anxiety Problem: Cross stitch

It can be very useful to deal with any business that you love in problems...

8 Oct, 2019

How to Find an Online Therapist  Is Online Therapy Useful?

In this article I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the online therapy method...

8 Oct, 2019

EMDR Therapy Case Study

In this scientific study, psychotherapist Mustafa Gödeş shares the contents of the EMDR Therapy Case...