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14 Oct, 2019

Field of Schemes

Jeffrey Young gathered the schemes used in Schema Therapy under 5 domains and 18 headings....

13 Oct, 2019

Dissociative Identity Disorder In All Aspects: Definition, Symptoms And Treatment

Multiple personality disorder (Dissociative identity Disorder) is a person’s identity dividing into two or more...

13 Oct, 2019

Personality Development

What is Personality? Although personality includes some innate tendencies, it is predominantly shaped by the...

13 Oct, 2019

Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD)

Paranoid personality form and paranoid personality disorder are two different things. The word ”paranoid” means...

13 Oct, 2019

Cleaning Disorder

What is cleaning disease? Cleaning disease is an obsessive compulsive disorder which is a person’s...

13 Oct, 2019

Dermatophagia :Biting Finger Skin

Dermatophagia is a habit of starting to chew the pen and eat the fingernail. This...

13 Oct, 2019

What is Eroticized Transfer?

Eroticized transference is an excessive desire for satisfaction and adversely affects the therapy processes. When...

13 Oct, 2019

Depression and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

Depressive disorders; depression, indifference, reluctance and inability to enjoy; slowdown in behavior, progressive inhibition; All...