Occupational Therapy (Work and Occupational Therapy)

What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) is the use of evaluation and rehabilitation for the growth, recovery or continuation of meaningful person, group or collective tasks or occupations. It is an allied health specialty carried out by occupational therapists and assistants in occupational therapy (OTA). OTs also deal with individuals who have issues with mental health, illnesses, accidents, or impairments. In this article, we will discuss what is Occupational Therapy.

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In order to reduce the pathologies of the clients, to help them to maintain their health and socialize, to enable them to develop their self-confidence, various skills and abilities, to encourage them to use these skills and abilities in daily life, to ensure that they gain awareness that their leisure time will increase the quality of life, Occupational therapy activities including painting-handicrafts, sports and marbling are carried out.

When people are mentally and physically engaged in a job, they naturally feel a relief and experience the moment when they give all their attention to the work they are doing, so it is important to evaluate free time with different activities. Artistic events and sports activities are also used as a communication tool and often the result; It is a feeling of getting away from stress, tension, purification and renewal.

occupational therapy (work and occupational therapy)

Creativity is supported in therapies made with music, painting and marbling because; More people who can ask questions, like to think differently, use different techniques in solving and have imagination. For these reasons, it is important in a drifted society.

People cannot improve themselves if they cannot be fed with art. Art is a stage of the mutual interaction of man and nature. This has a social character. Art is a phenomenon that humanizes life. Art can be used to create and strengthen the boundaries of personality, to establish connections between inner lives and external reality. It is one of the therapy methods to enable clients to reflect their problems externally through painting, and to make them relax by talking about their pictures.

Our interests may be music, painting, sports, dance, taking photographs, ceramics, model making, reading books, gardening, poetry, writing stories, cooking, sewing, handicrafts, these occupations can help us to get away from daily work and rush for ourselves. It allows us to do something, take a break to relieve the tiredness and tension of the day.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that occupational therapy centers can also have some activities that stimulate one’s creativity. I have a co-worker who isn’t from the art department but tends to draw all sorts of elaborate doodles on the whiteboard whenever she is stressed. Maybe occupational therapy is something she should look into someday.

    • 5 months ago

      Hi there, thank you for taking time to comment. We would definitly suggest her to look into it!

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