Are there harms or side effects of EMDR therapy?

Are there any EMDR Therapy Harms or Side-effects

EMDR therapy re-processes the negativities experienced in the past by establishing a connection between the unconscious and consciousness, between the present and the past. It does this with double stimulation (eye movements). In this article, we will discus ar ethere harms or side effects of EMDR.

It is very natural that people want to receive therapy in processes that cannot be suppressed and digested, and where past experiences are forced and overwhelmed. However, some people think that the therapy will be harmful and there will be side effects and they are worried about it.

During the therapy process, people may have worries such as “what if I get very depressed, if my troubles are going to get worse …”.

In this section, we consider whether EMDR therapy has side effects and harms.

With EMDR, we are entering points that you may not be able to explain to many people, even yourself, and that you do not want to face. Of course, we don’t get into these issues right away; As you feel comfortable and trust your therapist, you begin to share. These issues are discussed as long as you share and feel comfortable.

Even when he shares his troubles, that feeling of overwhelm can be reflected in the therapy room. Therefore, EMDR therapy is progressed in accordance with the tolerance window. (We explained this subject in detail in the related topic.)

In EMDR therapy, we take care to stay at a moderate level of emotional triggering. Therefore, EMDR therapy is not a method to be feared.

In addition, as in some other therapy approaches, certain emotional fluctuations and increase in emotions may occur for a short period of time during the therapy process. This does not mean that anything is getting worse. Indicates that it is moving towards important points.

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