Couple/Marriage Therapy

What is Couple/Marriage Therapy

Couple therapy attempts to enhance romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts (also couples ‘counseling, marriage counseling, or marriage therapy). In this article, we mentioned what is couple therapy and its process.

Some problems may arise from time to time in most couples. These can sometimes be solved by spouses among themselves or with the help of a trusted, experienced, and close friend or family elder, whom the parties perceive as an authority. However, sometimes problems become more extensive and/or chronic. In such cases, couples apply for marriage counselors.

couple / marriage therapy
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However, spouses may not be equally motivated to receive help. In fact, only one family member’s application is widespread. This lack of motivation is one of the biggest obstacles to the couple’s problems. One of a couple of therapists’ primary goals is to eliminate this weakness of motivation in one or both partners.
The first studies on marital therapy began in the 19th century. Over time, various psychodynamic and insight-oriented, structuralist, cognitive-behavioral, systemic-strategic, educational approaches have been used. Regardless of the method, marriage/couple therapy has specific purposes. These are :

  • Resolving marital conflicts
  • Perceiving and ensuring the emotional needs of spouses
  • To deal with and correct psychological symptoms and functional disorders.
  • To increase communication skills.
  • Identify the behavior that spouses can use to solve the problem and put into practice their skills.
  • Increasing problem-solving skills in the face of coercive life events such as traumatic events, physical or mental problems faced by spouses.

In marriage/couple therapy, the therapist listens to the problems separately from each couple and makes a consensus problem sequence to deal with these problems together.

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