Brain Examination Techniques and Brain Check Up

What is Brain Check Up?

Brain Check Up reviews the emotional function and output of the brain. If the brain functions correctly is tested using computerized EEG devices; memory and concentration tests are used to diagnose functional disorders.

Brain Check Up; It is as important as the health control of our body. If you have complaints such as memory loss, attention deficit, it is important to try this health check in which various tests are performed.

brain check up
Brain Check Up

Which methods are used in “Check Up” of the brain?

In the “check up” of the brain, the mental activities and performance of the brain are evaluated. It is checked whether the brain works properly with computerized EEG devices, and functional disorders are revealed with tests that measure memory and attention. In the brain “Check Up”; Brain functions are monitored and the brain map is made with the computerized EEG (CEEG) device. In addition, cognitive tests are applied to measure memory and attention with the help of computers. Depending on the problem detected, treatment and rehabilitation program is started.

What measurements does the brain measure with “Check Up”?

With functional “check-up” to the brain; It is checked whether the brain is working properly. The “Check Up” of the Brain in which mental activities are evaluated; Structural examination of the brain is carried out magnetic resonance or computed tomography, functional evaluation.

In the Check Up, the bioelectrical map of the brain is created. Attention, memory, intelligence measurements are made. The person is evaluated in terms of psychosocial aspects. Criteria such as transfer of information between cells in the brain and stress hormones are evaluated.

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Why should we have a Brain Check Up?

  • Brain “Check Up” is very important for early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s, which starts insidiously and leads to serious memory losses, can be detected in the period when it gives early symptoms with the Brain Check Up. Treatment is started in the early period.
  • Occasional forgetfulness in everyone may worsen in some cases and cause permanent problems. Special mental development and rehabilitation programs can be applied to patients in case of early diagnosis with “Check Up” of the brain. Thanks to early diagnosis, attention and concentration can be increased with timely treatment. Learning and comprehension skills are developed. Memory is strengthened. Medication can also be recommended if necessary.
  • Brain “Check Up” is recommended for administrators and students who have forgetfulness and distraction. Drugs to regenerate cells and regulate brain stress secretions are recommended. Also with the computer; Brain exercises that increase attention, memory, logical thinking, learning, remembering and remembering skills are done.
  • It is now known that depression is a biological disease. There is a link between the failure of some biochemical areas in the brain to function well and depression. It is checked whether there is an irregular, non-working area in the brain. This is particularly used for treatment-resistant depression patients (30 percent of those with depression). In other words, the biological dimension of depression can be followed as well as the psychological and social dimensions.
  • With the method, stress can also be determined. The level of stress hormones in your brain is checked. In the event that stress that upset people’s entire balance is detected, the person is taught to use his own mental strength to cope with tension-relieving, body and mind relaxation exercises.
  • The effects of drugs used for the human brain can be determined with the same method. The bioavailability of the drug is being measured.

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