Parents Behavior Rating Scale

What is Behavior Rating Scale?

Behavior rating scales are often used to collect information on monitoring instruments and to better classify patients who may benefit from a more detailed test, who may be at risk of having more severe disorders and who may benefit from early treatments. Activity Rating Scales are also used in recovery facilities to track improvement.

Parents Behavior Rating Scale; This scale prepared is used to measure parents’ child-rearing behaviors.

The prepared scale is in Likert style. Generated
The items are in the form of behavioral styles, and there are 5 options against each behavioral style that differ according to their frequency.

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behavior rating scale
parents behavior rating scale 2

You can also do this application by yourself. As a result of the application, you can better understand the behavior of your parents.

If you are a parent, it can be a useful app for measuring how you behave with your children.

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