Agoraphobic Cognition Scale

What is Agoraphobic Cognition Scale

The Agoraphobic Cognition Scale (ACS), a self-report scale for assessing avoidance of fear, was psychometrically tested. Agoraphobic patients showed greater fear of physical impairment and fear of losing control than depressive patients who were socially phobic, generally nervous, and non-anxious.

Agoraphobic Cognition Scale; It is applied to people with agoraphobia or panic disorder with agoraphobia. The reliability of this method has been proven by many scientific studies around the world.

Guideline: As you see below there are some thoughts and ideas you may think of when you’re worried or scared. Please mark each thought occurs in such situations using the scale:

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agoraphobic cognition scale
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Agoraphobia, which can occur unexpectedly or is situationally predisposed
the occurrence of attacks or panic-like symptoms anxiety about being in places or situations where help cannot be provided or where avoidance may be difficult (or distressing) (American Psychiatric Association
1994). Agoraphobia is separate from panic disorder in DSM-IV, While it is not an encodable disorder, a separate (American Psychiatric Association)

Agoraphobic Cognition Scale

Agoraphobic Cognition Scale; It is a 14-question self-report scale that enables us to evaluate the catastrophic thoughts associated with the fear-over-fear hypothesis. It was developed in 1984 by Chambless et al. 175 patients with panic attacks accompanied by agoraphobia were enrolled in a therapy program, and during exposure to anxiety-causing situations,
his thoughts are evaluated. The scale was developed in line with the information obtained from both patients and therapists.

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