14 TV Series Characters With Bipolar Disorder

This list includes the TV series characters that has bipolar disorder and manic depressive disorder. In some “soap opera” (indicated) Bipolar disorder is a superficial and a single section. However, in some TV series, this disease has much more depth as subject.

These sequences can be a useful source for patients with Bipolar Disorder and their relatives. In the series about family relationships and close friends, there are many topics that can be adressed.

In the list below, we briefly describe the fictitious TV series characters diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wrote very short notes about the disease. We also added excerpts from the TV series descriptions. If you like the series, you can also find small sections from youtube. So you can get more insight into the character and array after watching the video.

If you have any TV series and movie suggestion that you know about but not listed below, please give us your feedback.

TV Series Characters With Bipolar Disorder

Marta Del Sol – Dallas

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 1

Known for her nickname Marta Del Sol, Veronica Martinez is a fictional character of the American series Dallas, played by Leonor Varela.

Marta is a ruthless, unbalanced and emotional character without ethical values. Therefore, it is seen as quite dangerous character in the series. She was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was examined clinically.

Samantha Fitzgerald – Neighbours

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 2

Bipolar disorder is one of the best functioning TV series “Neighbors”. Samantha Fitzgerald character Revives the character of the mother who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (lost her baby). Bipolar disorder and Pregnancy is the main topic of the series. The series production team and player Simone Buchanan have worked diligently on bipolar disorder.

Andre Lyon – Empire

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 3

Empire is a musical TV series. In the series, Andre Lyon gets a Bipolar diagnosis. She takes a spiritual journey to find her identity, her past. It’s recommended.

Maude Findlay – Maude

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 4

Emmy-winning actress Bea Arthur played Maude Findlay in the series. The main character in the array. Maude Findlay has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. She has a lot of emotional ups and downs, suddenly goes from a state of depression in the state of extreme happiness.

Pamela Douglas – The Bold and the Beautiful

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 5

Here is Stephanie Forrester’s sister. Pamela is an agitated woman in the series. She gets diagnosed with bipolar disorder and starts taking medicine. She has problems in her relationships, she fights with people. Due to her unstable behaviors, her close circle also experiences constant problems.

Ian Gallagher – Shameless

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 6

The character of Ian Gallagher, portrayed by Cameron Monaghan, appears in the Shameless TV series. Mickey and Ian conduct various crimes during the season and exhibit manic behavior. Bipolar diagnosis was made and this disease was also seen in the family.

Sonny Corinthos – General Hospital

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 7

Sonny is a fictional character who lives in a depressed mood and has many criminal attempts.

Like the character of Sonny, Maurice Benard also suffers from bipolar disorder. Benard stated, “When I let it be known I was bipolar, we wrote it into the character.” During 2006, Corinthos had an onscreen breakdown due to his bipolar disorder. The parallels between the story and Benard’s real life experiences had Benard believing he was having his own “fourth break down,” though Benard credits staying on his medication as keeping him grounded. His willingness to integrate his real life medical condition into Sonny’s storylines have raised visibility of the disease, leading to Benard appearing on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss the disease as well as being the spokesman for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

Cindy Cunningham – Hollyoaks

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 8

Hollyoaks is a British series and refers to many social problems. Cindy Cunningham is one of the important characters in this series. There are mental disorders seen in the series. There are also different issues related to social problems and human relations.

Social issues that the soap has dealt with include: abortion, suicide, euthanasia, adoption, homelessness, human trafficking, illegal immigration, homosexuality, bisexuality, being transgender, homophobia, racism, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, sexual harassment, rape (including male rape and marital rape), incest, underage sex, child abuse (physical and sexual), child grooming, domestic violence (including parental abuse by children), anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harming, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, autism, Down syndrome, bullying, child abduction, fostering, teenage pregnancy, sudden infant death syndrome, stillbirth, deafness, cancer, spina bifida, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and motor neurone disease.

Brookside – Jimmy Corkhill

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 9

After being fired from work, he gets manic depression and is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In this process, hallucinations and delusions begin to happen. He fights with a student. Then he wants to commit suicide and the police stops him. After this process, he starts taking medication

Karen Maguire – Shameless

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 10

Karen’s erratic behaviour deteriorates further as she starts ripping wall paper off the walls and playing music at high volume, even attempting suicide by falling from a window at one point. She is saved from her suicide attempt by a quick-thinking Paddy Maguire, who shows his sensitive side when he expresses deep care and sympathy for her. When she returns home, she struggles to repair her marriage to Jamie, who is unable to have sex with her because the image of Karen during her breakdown is deeply ingrained in his mind. Jamie, unknown to Karen, begins having sex with other women for money, and to get away from her.

Zosia March – Holby City

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 11

Zosia March (also Valentine) is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actress Camilla Arfwedson.
Holby City television series Bipolar disorder is one of the TV series in the widest sense. Especially for those who want to get acquainted with this disease, we have to follow this series.

The character’s most prominent story has been the depiction of bipolar disorder. Zosia begins to drink excessively, use drugs and her behaviour becomes uncontrollable. Through her eventual diagnosis the show explored stigma attached to the illness and treatment involving lithium. The story has received acclaim from mental health charities and organisations.

Carrie Mathison – Homeland

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 12

Carrie Anne Mathison, played by actress Claire Danes. She is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American television drama/thriller series. Claire Danes has won many awards for her player performance.She has done research on Bipolar disorder specifically prepared for the role.

Stacey Slater and Jean Slater / EastEnders

14 tv series characters with bipolar disorder 13

The family of the Slater family also had a bipolar Mother and daughter.

The EastEnders series is the only series in this field. It is surprising that mother is a bipolar disorder in the series that examines the issue of bipolar disorder and how it affects her daughter.

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